Fisheries Advocacy

QSIA has been a vocal advocate for the rights of its members and commercial fishing in Queensland.

Discussion Paper - Proposed Changes to the Fisheries Regulation 2008

Fisheries Regulation Discussion Paper

Impact Statement


Feedback Sheets

Industry Feedback Sheet_Inshore_19 July 2019

Industry Feedback Sheet_Trawl_19 July 2019

Industry Feedback Sheet_Other Reform Issues_19 July 2019

Industry Feedback Sheet_Charter and Recreational_19 July 2019

Members and non-members are encouraged to provide feedback to the Association by 5pm Monday 15 July to either:


Recreational Fishing Impacts

Recreational Fishing Statistics


Queensland Government Discussion Papers

The Queensland Government released a series of papers seeking feedback on changes to fisheries management in the crab, net and trawl fisheries.

Crab Fishery Discussion Paper: Draft Allocation Approach

East Coast Inshore Fishery Discussion Paper: Draft Allocation Approach

ECOTF Discussion Paper: Draft Allocation Approach


QSIA Questionnaires

The Association has prepared its own feedback mechanisms through questionnaires and response sheet that can be accessed here.

QSIA Crab Fishery Questionnaire

QSIA Net Fishery Questionnaire

QSIA Trawl Fishery Questionnaire

Feedback Sheet April 2019

Please send your completed feedback sheet by email to [email protected] or by mail to PO Box 392,Clayfield Qld 4011 by no later than Friday 19 April 2019.


Industry Submission

Cover Letter: Allocations Paper Cover Letter_3 May 2019

QSIA Submission: Final Questionnaire Results_3 May 2019


Fisheries Reform Process: QSIA Submission

Final Submission_3 June 2018


Sustainable Fisheries Strategy Discussion Papers

The Queensland government has released four discussion papers for comment by Sunday 20 May 2018.

Crab Discussion Paper

CRFFF Discussion Paper

EC Inshore Discussion Paper

Trawl Discussion Paper

Responses to these discussion papers is required by Sunday 20 May 2018. QSIA will be coordinating an industry response to the discussion papers.  The association will provide a feedback process by the end of May 2018.


QSIA and the introduction of VMS

QSIA correspondence regarding the introduction of vessel management systems to the commercial fishing sector.

Issues with VMS


QSIA Submission Green Paper Submission

The following paper was drafted in response to the State Government’s fisheries green paper process.

QSIA Green Paper Submission 14 October 2016


Reef Blueprint for Resilience

QSIA concerns regarding the Reef Blueprint for Resilience

Letter to GBRMPA_2 Dec 2017