Fresh seafood sold in Australia is of good quality. The high turnover helps to ensure that the seafood you buy is, at most, only a few days old. Even so, it is worthwhile knowing what to look for to get the best value for money.

Good supplies of seafood are available almost all year round in Australian cities and large towns. Nevertheless, the supply and price of fresh seafood fluctuates markedly because of regulatory controls on fishing seasons and uncontrollable factors such as fish migrations and sea conditions.

You should therefore

  • Take advantage of geographical and seasonal factors
  • Buy local seafood when it is plentiful
  • Buy from shops which keep seafood well iced at the temperature of melting ice (0° to 1°C)

What to look for when buying:-

Whole fish:

  • Bright red gills
  • Flesh firm, springs back when touched
  • Eyes bright not sunken
  • Skin bright and lustrous

Fillets and Cutlets:

  • Flesh should be shiny and firm not dull and soft
  • Flesh should not be ‘waterlogged’


  • Lobsters, Crabs and Balmain Bugs should have no discoloration of joints
  • Prawns should have no discoloration along the edges of segments or legs.
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