Net Free Zones

Net Free Zones

The net free zones (NFZs) policy caused significant pain and distress amongst commercial fishing communities throughout Queensland. This policy continues to exist despite a commitment to developing a resource allocation policy by government that should, in theory, eliminate the need for a politically motivated policy tool like the NFZs. History proves that commercial fishing can exist alongside other uses of the marine environment.

The recreational fishing advocacy that led to the government enacting the policy was based on a selfish desire of local, recreational anglers to exclude the public from your access to fresh local fish.

QSIA will continue to advocate for the removal of NFZs.

Say No to Net Free Zones

Supporting Commercial Fishing

You have 2 days to provide your views to Fisheries Queensland - sign this letter and send it to:

Submission must be received by no later than Friday 25 October 2019.

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Correspondence sent by the QSIA and Seafood Industry Australia to Fisheries Queensland regarding Net Free Zones

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Tourism and Fishing Comp_23 Oct 2019

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Removal of Net Free Zones

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