QSIA Projects

QSIA is involved in both short and long-term projects.  The projects listed below will vary from time to time so if you have any questions regarding our project work please contact the office on 0417 631 353.

1) Native Title

When a native title claim is made over tidal waters, including rivers and creeks, it is essential that commercial fishers become parties to the claim if the claim could affect the entitlement of commercial fishers to carry on their commercial fishing operations under their commercial fishing boat licences. We must ensure that our access to Queensland fisheries remains open. If indigenous groups wish to undertake commercial fishing operations, they should be subject to the same restrictions as other Queenslanders, namely they would need to acquire a commercial fishing boat licence: Initiating a Native Title Claim

2) Mapping Queensland’s Coastal Fishing Resources - Final Report

Project objectives: (1) Research, accumulate and place in a central geoserver database all publically available spatial data on fishing catch and/or effort for major fisheries or fish species in Queensland waters; (2) Research, accumulate and place in a database all publically available historical information on fishing closures in Queensland waters or adjacent Commonwealth waters: why the closure was implemented and the sequence of any changes to the closure; (3) Research, accumulate and place in a central geoserver database publically available spatial data on use of the marine environment, in particular State and Commonwealth marine parks, aquaculture zones, ports and marinas; and (4) Provide up-to-date spatial data that is readily available to the general public, and allows quantitative spatial analysis and facilitates resource planning, around the cumulative effect of spatial management on access to high-profile fishing areas along the Queensland coast.

FRDC_2014_208_Mapping Project

3) Beyond GVP: The value of inshore commercial fisheries to fishers and consumers in regional communities on Queensland’s east coast - Final Report

This report examines the potential economic benefits to regional communities from the Queensland inshore fisheries (pot, net and line fisheries). In doing so, the project has developed a series of questionnaires and analysis tools that could be potentially applied in other regions with fairly minimal modification. The report outlines the theory underpinning these methods, as well as their application. The results of the analysis indicate that the inshore fisheries produce substantial local benefits well in excess of their own gross value product.

FRDC_2013_301_Beyond GVP