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Investigating social acceptance for the wild catch commercial fishing industry of southeast Queensland

This research project aimed to develop an engagement strategy that would assist the Southeast Queensland (SEQ) wild catch commercial fishing industry to gain social acceptance, or a Social Licence to Operate (SLO). SLO is needed to maintain access to the resource and market confidence.

While commercial fisheries are subject to substantial regulations, are undergoing more reforms, and have made considerable changes to improve sustainability, key stakeholders and the broader community continue to raise issues with impacts on targeted fish stocks, habitats and ecosystem (food webs); threatened, endangered or protected species (by-catch or accidental catch); an unclear supply chain or provenance; and compliance with best practice and government regulations.

The Association would like to acknowledge the cooperation and support from Queensland seafood industry operators and the efforts of Associate Professor Claudia Baldwin and Sarah Connor from the University of the Sunshine Coast.  The Association also acknowledges the Fisheries Research and Development Corporation for their financial assistance, without which this project would not have been possible.

Investigating Social Acceptance


Commercial Fishing Micro Businesses

There is considerable research literature regarding strategy and strategic planning in the context of large, small and micro-businesses. However, there is a paucity of research relating to Australian commercial fishing micro-businesses. This study is focussed on exploring the use of strategy and strategic planning at the micro-business level within the Australian commercial fishing industry.  Masters thesis, 14 September 2014:

Commercial Fishing Micro Businesses


Social License to Operate Report

Social License to Operate: What does it mean for the Australian commercial seafood industry? Research Report, 26 May 2016:

Social license to Operate Report


Social Media Research Report

As experienced by other agricultural industries successful integration of social media into business practice has increased sales, opened new markets and influenced government policy via social media campaigns. Research Report, 12 October 2017:

Social Media Research Report