Investment Warnings

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In our fishing industry what does “investment warning” actually mean? We all have a vague idea but a search on Google doesn’t actually define the meaning. Fisheries Queensland have had “investment warnings” on most of our fisheries for a very long time (some being in place for decades). I wonder about the “mandatory investment” into our businesses. Things like vessel monitoring system (VMS), Australian Maritime Safety Authority (AMSA) requirements, satellite phones, turtle excluders, quota etc and constantly upgrading plant and machinery to be compliant.

All the things that have been forced onto us, (and in my opinion many more to come), all the investment that we have been warned against but have been forced to pay for as well as the investment that is over and above the everyday running of our vessels, replacing engines and such.

Does this get recognition when FQ legislate new rules which will greatly reduce or affect our businesses? We have been led to believe that the “investment warnings” will be scraped if we embrace this reform, is similar to telling us to believe in the tooth fairy. World’s best fisheries management, what a bloody joke.

Author: Shane Snow, QSIA Vice-President.

Image: Shane Snow.

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