Qld 2020 News Posts #11: Relationship between the State Government and recreational fishing groups

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It should be noted that no Queensland commercial fishing body opposes recreational fishing.  What we do oppose and need to shine more of light on is the radical minority of recreational fishing groups that do not speak for all anglers.  All forms of fishing are needed and our argument is simple – we need to expose a radical minority of anglers.

The recent materials published by recreational fishing groups has provided industry and the public with an opportunity to discuss the relationship between the State Government and these groups.

Allan Bobberman, Queensland Seafood Industry Association (QSIA) Chair has recently written to the Queensland Premier seeking feedback on the following questions:

  • What, if any, promises regarding the fisheries reform process were developed between the State Government and recreational fishing groups?
  • If there has been a ‘deal’ which groups were involved and what were the details?

The letter can be found here – Letter to the Premier

Or here are the elements of the letter:

The following groups support the letter sent to the Premier including:

  • QSIA
  • Moreton Bay Seafood Industry Association (MBSIA)
  • The Fishermens Portal Inc
  • Hervey Bay Seafood Inc
  • Gulf of Carpentaria Commercial Fisherman’s Association (GoCCFA)

The position of recreational fishing groups outlined in the attachments of the letter to the Premier present more evidence why these groups are not reflective of the views of all anglers in Queensland.  Reading the attachments will give you a clear sense of the thinking across recreational fishing groups.

Author: Queensland Seafood Industry Association (QSIA).

Image: QSIA.

This message is endorsed by and proudly brought to you by the QSIA under the Qld 2020 campaign in the interests of achieving better fisheries management for industry and the community.  Qld 2020 is about: a fair go – for food producers, their families and regional / coastal small business job creators.

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