Qld 2020 News Posts #06: QSIA Position Statements

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The Association has developed a series of position statements outlining its core concerns in the lead up to the State election on 2020. The statements have been sent to parties contesting the Queensland State election in 2020. The detailed background to each position position statement can be accessed here:

Position Statements

#1. The Association is seeking a halt and review of the so-called Queensland fisheries reform process including:

  • A review of quota management arrangements;
  • A review of zoning and
  • Modelling of the impacts of the reform on the catch to consumer seafood supply chain.

#2. The Association is seeking a complete renewal of senior staff within Fisheries Queensland.

#3. The Association is seeking the removal of WWF Australia and the Australian Marine Conservation Society (AMCS) from State Government fisheries working groups.

#4. The Association is seeking the Removal of Net Free Zones (NFZs) as government policy.

#5. The Association seeks recognition of industry as a key food producer.

#6. The Association is seeking new thinking and policy approaches to resource access.

#7. The Association seeks better mental health outcomes through strategic fisheries policy development.

#8. The Association seeks the maintenance of a multi-use philosophy across all State Marine Parks. Moreover, existing commercial fishing activity which has provided social and economic benefits across Queensland are recognised as legitimate and welcome as essential as any other use of the marine park system.

#9. The Association seeks a commitment to engage in policy making based on scientific data.

The debate regarding the importance of food production whether land or marine based is one that public is starting to engage with because on a collective we all have something to loose – access to local produce harvested by micro and small businesses across Queensland.

The Association’s position statement cover some critical issues facing the commercial seafood industry in Queensland.

The policy landscape for this industry is bleak unless – you a charter or recreational fisher or you have businesses investments in aquaculture.

A government with no vision for the commercial seafood industry businesses puts at risk hundreds of micro and small businesses.  This industry represents real job creators and accounts for over 3,000 full-time jobs across Queensland.

Author: QSIA

Image: Gold Coast Fishermans Co-Op

This message is endorsed by and proudly brought to you by the QSIA under the Qld 2020 campaign in the interests of achieving better fisheries management for industry and the community.  Qld 2020 is about: a fair go – for food producers, their families and regional / coastal small business job creators.

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