Qld 2020 News Posts #01: Fake Green Groups

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In this series of news posts issues underlying why we should support a change of government are proposed. The first in this series is the influence of fake green groups on fisheries policy. You could replace fisheries policy with any number of policy areas including land-based agriculture or energy.

So why have Queensland commercial fisheries become the target of fake green groups?

From a Queensland context, we need to identify the key players – the State Government represented by the Fisheries Minister, WWF Australia and the Australian Marine Conservation Society (AMCS).

 Let’s explore the how the public is being deceived:

  • Fisheries Minister creates a catastrophic situation by continually arguing that there is something so drastically wrong with Queensland fisheries.
  • Fisheries Minister continues to allow fake green groups a table or more precisely on fisheries working groups. Instead of inviting representatives from the Department of Natural Resources, Mines and Energy, their role is taken on by fake green special interest groups. Why is this state of affairs not challenged, anywhere? A few things come to mind – (1) we have a far left/green State Government that would never exclude these groups, (2) few industry advocacy groups want to have this discussion publicly and (3) the public largely unaware that their resource and the policy debates that ensure its longevity are influenced by special interests that are unelected and do not represent the majority of Queenslanders.
  • Queenslanders do not like to be told how to vote or worse experience a feeling that we are being manipulated.  If you need any evidence for this look at the last Federal election for a clue. From memory a former politician visited Queensland leading an anti-mine campaign and the result? To be fair there were many, many factors to account for the Federal election result but an interesting one is anti-fake green sentiment in this State: Bob Brown’s travelling troupe make a Rockhampton stopover (North Queensland Register)
  • WWF Australia and AMCS: There is any amount of evidence to suggest that fake green groups have no love for food production unless it’s under their terms: eNGO views of the commercial seafood industry

What you will continue to hear is that any reform related to fisheries is about protecting the environment when its not with the real game being the sub-contracting of fisheries management policy to unelected, fake green groups that have no public mandate to represent anyone.

If this incorrect please write to the Association at PO box 392, Clayfield Queensland 4011 outlining in which election process WWF Australia or AMCS ran a candidate.

Our children and grandchildren deserve better and in 2020 we all have the chance to shift away from policy that is mandated by fake green groups.

Author / Image: Queensland Seafood Industry Association (QSIA).

This message is endorsed by and proudly brought to you by the QSIA under the Qld 2020 campaign in the interests of achieving better fisheries management for industry and the community.  Qld 2020 is about: a fair go – for food producers, their families and regional / coastal small business job creators.

No leadership from our State Government