No leadership from our State Government

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For those of you that missed a stellar State Government performance at Estimates on Wednesday 24 July.

A few things about the State Government’s agenda and in turn why industry simply cannot put any faith or trust in either government or fisheries management.  The extract below is taken from Page 91 of the Estimates session on Wednesday evening.

Estimates – State Development, Natural Resources and Agricultural Industry Development Committee – Natural Resources, Mines and Energy

‘Mr Furner: Established aquaculture companies and major new entrants are spending millions and millions of dollars to expand their farms or construct new or very large-scale operations.  This is part of my vision for aquaculture: to expand production in Queensland, drive private sector investment and generate new jobs in our regions’.

So what should industry conclude from the statement above?

  1. Other than funding compliance, government has no long-term leadership or vision for Queensland commercial fisheries.
  2. Industry needs to look elsewhere for fisheries policy leadership.

In the past 2 years, this State and country have been witnesses to poorly managed ‘reform’, gaslighting of innocent commercial fishing families and policy development based on the views of minority groups not science or genuine industry engagement.

Maybe change isn’t all bad… especially heading into 2020.

Author / Image: Queensland Seafood Industry Association (QSIA).

This message is endorsed by the QSIA in the interests of achieving better fisheries management.

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