Really – More Net Free Zones?

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To be honest, I hate writing about the ludicrous  policy that is the Queensland government’s net free zones (NFZs).  On Sunday 6 January I provided information around the potential for a NFZ in Moreton Bay.  So is it possible that industry could be facing another NFZ?

It is unclear but the Association has sought the position of the State government on a NFZ in the Great Sandy Marine Park (GSMP).  The Association has sent two letters to the Minister’s office seeking a view on the introduction of the policy in Moreton Bay and the GSMP.

I’ll keep industry and the seafood consuming public up to sped on where things are heading as soon as I receive a response from government.

NFZs and GSMP_10 Jan 2019

NFZs and MB_6 Jan 2019

Author: Eric Perez, CEO, QSIA

Image: Queensland Seafood Industry Association

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Avoiding a Net Free Zone in Moreton Bay