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The National Seafood Industry Leadership Program (NSILP) provides an opportunity for our future leaders to expand their skill sets and understand the broader seafood industry. Richard, Angela, Toni and Cameron formed a project group under the 2018 NSILP called ‘Community Connect’.

From an association perspective I am looking forward to working with the team to continue their work (our work) on linking this great industry with the community.

So what motivated their participation in the program?

Angela Williams (Northern Territory) – Research Project Co-Investigator, Paspaley Pearling Company

‘My direct manager who is a past graduate of the NSILP, nominated me for the program and I am so grateful he did. This program covers such a wide range of learning topics, experiences and challenges which allows you to grow both professionally and personally. The opportunities to engage with industry leaders, undertake site tours and work with 15 other program participants from diverse backgrounds of the seafood industry was the highlight for me. I hope our vision and mission will continue to be implemented by the NSILP 2018 participants either formally or within their employment going forward as it is so important to the whole seafood industry’.

Toni Clark (Tasmania) – Operations Manager, Petuna Sealord Deepwater Fishing

‘I want to provide a better understanding to those who are not directly involved in the seafood industry on the importance of Australian seafood in this country. I applied for the NSILP to broaden my knowledge, understanding and networking of other Seafood Industry sectors. I have taken far more than that from being in the program! I was pushed beyond my comfort zone so often that it became an expectation throughout the program and while overwhelming and quite often nerve wracking it showed me the potential and abilities I have in this leadership journey. I am honoured and proud to be involved with not only a great group in the 2018 early NSILP but in such a dynamic and diverse industry, the program has provided the ground work for me today to become a better leader for the Australian seafood industry of tomorrow’.

Richard Hamilton (Queensland) – Commercial Spanner Crab Fisherman and Chairman of the Gold Coast Fisherman’s Co-op

‘I signed up for the NSILP program to challenge myself and to develop my leadership, marketing and communication skills. Selling direct to the public and being Chairman of the Co –op I regularly deal with the general public and numerous government departments. I am passionate about Australian Seafood and have been committed to working hard to promote the fantastic Seafood product that only Australia can deliver. During the course I have met a variety of people from various peak industry bodies and seafood producers. I have enjoyed working with the younger participants in the course, they have been an inspiration to me and their IT knowledge and the keenness they have displayed gives me hope for the future of our industry’.

Cameron Shields (Tasmania) – Slicing Manager-Huonville, Tassal Group Limited

‘I remember thinking on Day 1 of the NSILP why am I here – at the time, I had 6 months experience in the seafood industry and was surrounded by generational fishers and experts from various sectors of the Australian Seafood Industry. I quickly learnt that this program is about leadership and this is transferable from industry to industry. This program guides participants on a journey that stretches them and teaches them critical skills to succeed as the next generation of leaders. It highlights the importance of communication and gives participants the opportunity to meet with industry leaders and gain practical leadership experience’.

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Authors: Richard Hamilton, Angela Williams, Toni Clark, Cameron Shields and Eric Perez CEO, Queensland Seafood Industry Association.

Image: Angela, Toni, Richard and Cameron.

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