20 Years Young – Hervey Bay Seafood Festival

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The Hervey Bay Seafood Festival will celebrate 20 years of linking local caught, Queensland seafood, with local and interstate and international seafood consumers.  Given its history and the hundreds of volunteer hours led by Elaine Lewthwaite, Michelle Fuchs and a legion of volunteers from  fishing families and the local community leads to a unique seafood experience.  It is simply the preeminent seafood festival in Queensland if not Australia.

The formula is simple – a dedicated core of commercial fishing families and a drive to promote the benefits of local wild caught seafood.  Local crab, net, line and trawl fishers harvest what is top quality local seafood – your local seafood. 

Keeping local commercial fishers working into the future is key to the longevity of the festival and your access to commercial seafood.

Do yourself a favour and with a little over 3 weeks to go come along to the 2018 Hervey Bay Seafood Festival, follow this link: Hervey Bay Seafood Festival

Author: Eric Perez, CEO – Queensland Seafood Industry Association

Image: M.Fuchs

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