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The following post has been provided by Norm Jenkins from X-Lab regarding an innovation program open to the Australian seafood industry.

I’m Norm Jenkins and I’m a Coach for the Fisheries Research and Development Corporation’s (FRDC) Fish-X program.  This program takes people with business ideas and helps them make it/them a reality.

I wanted to write this short piece to describe what I do but perhaps more importantly, why I do it.  So as to the why – well I could work in many industries, but choose to work in this one because the people are real, their gratitude is heartfelt and friendship gladly reciprocated.

I use my skills and networks to help Fishers and others in the seafood industry achieve their dreams and I gain a great sense of pride when we achieve this together.  That being said, what I do is help Fishers discover ways to add value to their business – through new products or services or by doing business differently.

The team of coaches and SME’s here at X-Lab then help them actually implement their idea up to and including assisting them gain investment to make it happen – if that is what’s required.

Sure it takes a lot of work on your part to make it happen. The difference with working with us is we’ve done it hundreds of times before (that is develop ideas from concept to investment and implementation) and can help you avoid the usual pitfalls of trying something new.

You can experience what we do at virtually no cost other than your time in our next ‘Microhack’ workshop on June 5th and 6th. We’ll even cover your reasonable travel and accommodation costs and if you’re really good, the FRDC may even sponsor you to enter the Fish-X program itself – Fish-X Program

June Fish-X Flyer

Author: Norm Jenkins, Program Partner, M: 0417 997 017 and E: norm@x-lab.com.au

Image: Fish-X

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